apartment crush: taylor tomasi hill

i’ve got serious love for TTH.  we’re both dallas girls who left the lone star state; she’s in nyc, i’m in arkansas…both livin’ the dream.  well, she’s living THE dream, and thanks to street style photogs, i’m living through her!  we all know she’s got amaze fashion sense, so i wasn’t surprised to see she has an eye for interiors as well.

{i look this cute too when i cook}

{now i want trees in my living room}

{those are real stuffed ducklings}

 {greenery and natural lights}

{someone pick me up off the floor}

 {love the pops of pink.  and the pic!}

{shout out to hot sauce! def a texas thing}

check out vogue.com for more wonderful shots!

have a great weekend!

xx, candy



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monday inspiration

typical monday:  i thought i was looking all cute at work today, then the zipper to my jeans broke…good thing my top was long enough to cover.  so to help get through the day, i thought i’d start the week with a few images from my pinterest account.  enjoy!

{because we could all use some sparkle}

{paleo: check (most of the time…exception below); travel: working on it for 2012…looks good so far!}

{because i just enrolled in a classical pastries & desserts class…ahhh!!!}

{channeling my inner hippie}

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here’s to a new year!

i may be a few days late in doing a New Years post, but it’s my first post of the New Year!  here are a few 2012 resolutions:

~ blog regularly:  i majored in journalism and love to write.  this year i hope to write more often about things i love…and not let gossip girl on netflix distract me.

~  run a 1/2 marathon: 13.1 miles is no run in the park, at least not for me, but i’m already 1/4 of the way there!

~ keep up with friends: i’m the world’s worst when it comes to keeping in touch.  not this year!  yes, i had 11 bridesmaids…i love them all dearly.

i’m also looking forward to a some exciting happenings this year:

~ new puppy!  i was reluctant when the hus wanted a new dog.  how could i love another one as much as i love axel?  –see below– but our new puppy was born christmas day (sign? god send?) and we’ll get her at the end of february.  can’t wait to snuggle up!

~ NYC baby!  my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and i are taking a girls’ trip to nyc in february.  i haven’t been since i was 18.  and the best part of all…we’ll be there during NYFW!  are you freaking kidding me?!!  think we can sneak into a show?

~ honeymoon!  yes, i’ve been married for over a year now.  we got married in the fall and the hus is a teacher, so we couldn’t exactly run off to a remote destination at the beginning of the school year.  so we’re finally taking a eurotrip honeymoon vacay this summer.

what are you looking forward to?   here’s to a new year.  cheers, all!

xx, candy


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birthday with bond no. 9

{happy birthday to me}

i’ve survived a major milestone – TWENTY-FIVE!  yep, it’s official – i’m not getting any younger. however, this birthday has been one of the most fun birthdays i’ve had in a long time.  it consisted of a full night out with my hus and a FABULOUS group of friends.

a couple of days later (because i like to drag my birthday out as long as possible…it’s only once a year!) we had birthday lunch with the hus’ family.  fam lunches are always good, but this one is at the top of the list.  THE GIFT!  i’ve had Bond No. 9 Bleecker Street perfume on my christmas/birthday/half-birthday list for EVER!  some things i’ve stopped putting on my list after realizing no one is willing to cough up the dough (Burberry scarf, Chanel bag, apartment in NYC… yes, i live in a dream world. ), but this perfume is one i couldn’t give up on.  and now i no longer have mooch off the free samples at GLO, which i’ve been doing for years!

{best ever}

this perfume (thanks, sis-in-law!!!) is uh-mazing! here’s the website’s description:

Art, fashion, seduction, and dessert in liquid form.  A warm and sensual aphrodisiac that glides from day into evening.   Notes: Violet leaf, cassis, jasmine, cinnamon, oakmoss.

side note: this is the only perfume my hus has ever complimented me on without prompting him.  i’m going to neither confirm nor deny that he’s put a few sprays on himself.  it’s meant women and men though!  probably why he likes it so much.

most of my other birthday gifts were in the form of gift card or u.s. currency (thank you mom, mom-in-law and sister!), so i’m thinking i need to buy something…leather?!  new jacket perhaps?  in my own words, “i need one!”  thinking this one from Zara…thoughts?

off to put on some more perfume!



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i bought my first bottle of deborah lippmann nail polish a couple of weeks ago, and i am hooked!  i admit it’s fairly pricey for nail polish, so this was definitely a treat.  for my first color, i chose superstar.  it’s brown, it’s glittery and perfect for fall.  after reading the description, “show stopping copper flecked fudge,” i knew it was meant to be .  love.



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if you’re in the nwa area or are planning a visit up (or down, out or over) here, you HAVE TO CHECK OUT SAVOIR-FAIRE.  have to.  let me just tell you about this new little fayetteville gem.  savoir-faire is the newest boutique on the block (literally, it’s on the downtown fayetteville square), and has a vibe that blends in beautifully with the rest of fayetteville’s funky establishments.  i mean, the name alone is cool enough for me.

when i heard that owner tess labeth was opening up her own boutique, all i could think was, “fiiiiinally!!!”  tess has impeccable style.  and rocks the best top knot/teased bun everrrrr.  in her store you’ll find both trendy and staple pieces (and GORGEOUS statement jewelry), all at prices that make my husband happy.  that’s saying a lot.  and the decor is brilliant.  it’s so effortlessly decorated with wonderful, unexpected details…feminine, vintage, rustic. my first visit to the store was during opening week, and tess looked like she had won a million dollars.  there’s no question that she followed her passion.  not to mention there was such a line for the dressing rooms that i ended up trying on clothes in the storage closet!  having worked at a boutique for several years, it didn’t even phase me.  plus, i felt a little VIP-ish…getting a peek behind the scenes.

check out the pics.  check out the store.  i’m done talking.  i’ll be back soon, tess.

{images via savoir-faire & my iPhone}

 {here she is!}

{can you please decorate my house like this?  look at the cow hide rug in front of the dressing rooms!!!}

heading out to our anniversary dinner ♥♥♥

wearing my new pink aztec print dress from savoir-faire {loooove}

boots: jeffery campbell

blazer: j.c. penny

necklace: garage sale

oh, and she’s got the cutest razorback red pieces too!

p.s., i know i suck for not updating this blog in 384987492837 days, but i’m back on it, y’all!




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Lust at First Sight

i’ve been lusting after these wedges since i first saw them on the man repeller.  if leandra loves them, then duh, i’m going to love them.  but like most materials items i long for, they’re waaaaay out of my price range…even on sale.  well lucky for me, my favorite mr. jeffery campbell was “inspired” enough to create this version (ie. designed a near replica).  now i reeeeeaaaally need these! oh please, oh please, oh please!

{real (left) vs. steal (right)}




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