april showers: the burberry trench

the past two mornings, i’ve woken up thinking in was in ireland — rainy and cloudy, mild temps and lush greenery.  a perfect start to spring.  i often mix up dreams and reality, but in my dreamworld (if i really were in ireland), i’d just hop across the sea to london to pick up one of these incredible burberry trenches…and model-walk in it all day.  has anyone else really perfected the trench?  not like this…

{i’m dying.  geo beads.}

{can’t go wrong with a classic.}

{love this pink for spring.}

{leather on anything for me, please.}

{patterned sleeves.  i’d wear this every day…swear}

{army trench. big collar.}

{am i still dreaming? woven. leather. pick me up.}

plus, who else is totally crushing on cara delevingne and eddie redmayne?!

all images via burberry

xx, candy


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