if you’re in the nwa area or are planning a visit up (or down, out or over) here, you HAVE TO CHECK OUT SAVOIR-FAIRE.  have to.  let me just tell you about this new little fayetteville gem.  savoir-faire is the newest boutique on the block (literally, it’s on the downtown fayetteville square), and has a vibe that blends in beautifully with the rest of fayetteville’s funky establishments.  i mean, the name alone is cool enough for me.

when i heard that owner tess labeth was opening up her own boutique, all i could think was, “fiiiiinally!!!”  tess has impeccable style.  and rocks the best top knot/teased bun everrrrr.  in her store you’ll find both trendy and staple pieces (and GORGEOUS statement jewelry), all at prices that make my husband happy.  that’s saying a lot.  and the decor is brilliant.  it’s so effortlessly decorated with wonderful, unexpected details…feminine, vintage, rustic. my first visit to the store was during opening week, and tess looked like she had won a million dollars.  there’s no question that she followed her passion.  not to mention there was such a line for the dressing rooms that i ended up trying on clothes in the storage closet!  having worked at a boutique for several years, it didn’t even phase me.  plus, i felt a little VIP-ish…getting a peek behind the scenes.

check out the pics.  check out the store.  i’m done talking.  i’ll be back soon, tess.

{images via savoir-faire & my iPhone}

 {here she is!}

{can you please decorate my house like this?  look at the cow hide rug in front of the dressing rooms!!!}

heading out to our anniversary dinner ♥♥♥

wearing my new pink aztec print dress from savoir-faire {loooove}

boots: jeffery campbell

blazer: j.c. penny

necklace: garage sale

oh, and she’s got the cutest razorback red pieces too!

p.s., i know i suck for not updating this blog in 384987492837 days, but i’m back on it, y’all!




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3 responses to “savoir-faire

  1. Love the style of the shop and that dress looks great! Jen xoxo

  2. OOOH! I need to go there! And your dress looks FANTASTIC on you! I’m gonna try to convince John we need to treck up there to Fay ASAP to see you (and to go shopping!)

  3. Candy!!! Thank you so much for this… you are the sweetest!! Hope to see you and Rob again soon!

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