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teacup bracelets

my friend, jessica, is one of the most creative people i know.  studied art in college, and designed both my graduation and wedding announcements…which i still boast about!  she’s had a coveted design internship at anthropologie in kansas city, and can decorate a christmas tree like no other (she’ll kill me for that one, but it’s true).   every time i see her i try talking her into picking out paint and decoration ideas for all the rooms that have yet to be redone in my house.

jessica’s (it’s weird typing “jessica” because she has always gone by her last name, mertes.  that would be pronounced “MUR-tiss.”) latest creation is turning old teacups into bracelets.  talk about up-cyling!   i don’t know how she does it.  if i tried, i’m sure the teacups would shatter, and i’d be forced to make a mosaic instead…and not a very creative one at that.  i’m obsessed with these little bits of porcelain magic.  i want them all.  here are some that she just finished.  if you’d like one these beauties or any of her creative services, email




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