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diy…i die

i’ve seen this diy reposted on three blogs today, and thought i should jump on the boat and share it with you.  how freeeeaking awesome is this?  i mean, it would be absolutely amazing to own a real céline, but you could make five look-alikes for less than one of the real deal.  you’ll need electrical tape, acrylic paint and a leather pouch like this american apparel one.  this WILL be my next project!  get all the details heeeere.




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royal wedding

i’ve already got my alarm set for 4:50am Friday…to give myself a few minutes to wake up before the royal wedding begins at 5:00am.  i can’t wait.  will you be up to watch the royal wedding?  one of my dear friends from northern ireland said the wedding is a public holiday, and that lots of people are having royal wedding parties.  i can’t even imagine.  i’ve got my british tea ready (punjana, to be exact).  i’m tempted to run out and get some “biscuits” for the big event too.

what type of dress will kate wear?  who’s designed it?  her bouquet?  only a day and a half till the world knows!

{all the ladies will be wearing brilliant hats like this…wish we did this}

cheers xx!


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five faves

1. nail art – i found my newest obsesh at the drug store today…sally hansen salon effects.  you should already know that i LOVE leopard print.  check out how it turned out!

2. wide leg trousers – seriously needing these wide leg trousers from asos right now.  i’m thinking my leopard print nails would make a cute accessory too!

3. bright lips – i’ve always preferred nude lips.  bright lipstick reminds me of my days in high school drill team…when bright lips were NOT in style.  however, i’ve seen it evvvverywhere and decided to give in to the trend.  i wore this coral lipstick last weekend, and was astounded at all the compliments i received.  even the hus liked it!

4.  rain boots – or wellies if you want to sound royal wedding appropriate.  it has been raining non-stop…like let’s-get-together-and-build-an-arc-just-in-case type of rain.  these calvin klein ava boots are the perfect rainy weather companion.  and the fact that they’re over-the-knee, serves as fashion AND function in this crazy arkansas weather.

5. aprons – now i know this one is coming from left field, but my apron saved my LIFE last week!  friday night was my father-in-law’s 60th birthday, and i was asked to bake cupcakes for the event.  i used the magnolia bakery recipe, and made 100 cupcakes…yes, 100 CUPCAKES.  the party was perfect and the cupcakes were delicious, AND i didn’t ruin any clothes thanks to this precious apron my college roommates gave me for my birthday.


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this week…

here’s a sneak peek at what i’ve been doing this week (the reason for my lack of posts).  just know it consists of three bags of powdered sugar and an oh-so-darling anthropologie apron!  i’ll have full details soon. 

oh, and remember these?  a co-worker bought some at walmart today.  had to take a pic before i ate it all.  OLD SCHOOL.

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jeffrey c.

i. love. jeffery. campbell. shoes.  i really do.  in my dream world, i’d have a huge closet stocked full.  luckily, one of the local boutiques, masons, carries jc shoes.  for all you online shoppers, solestruck has just about every style you can imagine.  if you’re a fashion blog junkie, i’m sure you’ve seen the lita on just about every blogger.  check out this season’s litas, as well as some other crazy styles…there’s some serious 4th of july inspiration, y’all.

{lita fab}

{l to r: frankie, cambria, cashy}



{big girl}


{lita fur}

ohmygod, shoes.

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rainy day blues

i wish i were sitting on a patio right now.  we’ve been so spoiled around here with perfect weather the past couple of weekends.  but to paraphrase the saying, you can’t get through the month of April without a few heavy rain showers.  so to keep from feeling blue, i’ve found some images that brighten me up.

{atlantic-pacific: blue on blue on blue and lots of leg = uh…duh!}

{perfect for a day like today.  rainboots from solestruck}


{more lovelies from solestruck.  i need these.}

here’s to sunny days and blue hues!

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not your grandma’s wallpaper

over the past six months, the hus and i have painted our dining room, hallway, living room and master bedroom (that one was actually a wedding present from the in-laws…thank you, a LOT!).  yes, i know, it’s been a slow process, but it takes me forev to pick paint colors!  now it’s time to tackle, and i mean TAAAACKLE the kitchen.  but instead of painting it, i’ve decided to do wallpaper instead.  i’ve become obsessed with this idea — determined to prove that wallpaper doesn’t have to be restricted to your grandma’s house.  since our dining room, living room and kitchen are all pretty open, i want something that will pop while complimenting these other rooms.  here are some images from the kitchn and house to home

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